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Refunding and Accepting Payment Errors
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When a payment error (overpayment, underpayment, late payment) has occurred, the payment will be in a cancelled state. This means the payment is in "limbo" and neither belongs to the merchant or the consumer. However, from their perspective the consumer has completed the payment and they have no way of reversing it. Therefore, payment errors must be resolved by the merchant by either accepting the amount sent or refunding it back to the consumer. 


In the case of a late payment or an underpayment, the merchant can either accept the payment amount or refund it back to the consumer. In the case of an overpayment, the merchant must refund the overpayment amount back to the consumer.


API Users

For API users, there are two API calls that can be used to resolve payment errors:


  1. AcceptPayment - can be called to accept a payment
  2. RefundPayment - can be called to refund a payment


More information on these two API calls can be found in our API Documentation


Dashboard Users

Refunding a Payment

For Dashboard users, you have the ability to manually accept a payment or issue a refund directly from your Transactions report. Using the "Status" filter at the top of the report, Refund can be selected to show all payments where resolution is required.



To refund the payment and send the crypto back to the consumer, the consumer's wallet address needs to be obtained. Once the address is verified a refund can be issued by clicking the refund button for the payment which needs to be refunded.



This will open a new window with the refund form. Here you will see the payment address where the payment was sent to (not the refund address), the amount of the original payment, the amount of fees to send the refund and the total amount the consumer will receive for the refund. A valid wallet address must be entered in order for the refund to be scheduled.


NOTE: Please be sure you have validated the address the refund is being sent to as the transaction is final and CANNOT be reversed.


Accepting a Payment

To accept a payment, the open button for the payment that is to be accepted must be clicked.



Clicking the open button will open up the payment in a new window with all the details of that payment. Since there was a payment error, the actual fiat value of the payment that it be accepted for is displayed on the page. To accept the payment for the new value click the "Accept changed amount" button.



As always, if you have any questions or need any further assistance, please email us at [email protected]

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