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Checking and Resending Webhooks
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One of the many features of your ForumPay Dashboard is the ability to view and resend any webhook previously generated by ForumPay. This can be very useful when troubleshooting or trying to update your system for a previous transaction. The article below covers how to accomplish this.


NOTE: ForumPay will try to deliver a webhook notification up to 5 times or until a successful delivery occurs, whichever happens first. If the first attempt fails, the second one is triggered after approximately 1 minute. The third one is delayed for 3 more minutes, the fourth for 30 minutes and the last one for 3 hours.


Under your Account navigation in the top right of your Dashboard, there is link labeled API, Webhooks and Widget.



Clicking on this link will take you to a configuration screen. In the middle of this screen are the settings for webhooks. Directly below the settings is a small link labeled "Notifications log".


Clicking on this link will take to you a summary page showing all of the webhooks previously sent out by ForumPay. From this summary page you can find information regarding each individual webhook.


To view more details and resend the webhook you can click on the details button for any of the webhooks listed.



The details page will show the various attempts that were made to send the webhook. From this page you can simply click the resend button to have the webhook resent to you.


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