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Creating API Keys
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To use ForumPay's API or integrate with a third-party solution such as a shopping cart or cashier, you will need to create API Keys (credentials).


To get started, navigate to the API, Webhooks, Widget page by clicking the Account nav item in the top right section of your Merchant Dashboard.




Once you get to the API, Webhooks, Widgets page, you will see a section with your API Keys. To create a new API Key, simply click the "Create new API key" link



Use the screen to give your new API Key/Credentials a name and set the permissions:


  1. Can manage payments - the API key will be able to process payments
  2. Can perform refunds - the API key will be able to process refunds (send crypto back to consumers for payment errors)
  3. Can transfer crypto on Buy orders - the API key will be able to process Buy Orders (use fiat balance to buy and send crypto out of your account)
  4. Can perform payouts - the API key will be able to execute payouts (send crypto out)


Once created you will be able to access your API User and API Secret, these will be your credentials.


Your full API User will be displayed on screen for you. However, your API Secret will be split into two parts. The first part will be displayed on screen while the second part will be sent to your email address. You need to combine both of these to form your complete API Secret





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